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AD Controller Board / Digital Signage Controller.
We offer a wide range of AD Analog Digital LCD controller board for advanced connectivity solutions for the flat panel display market. With our diversified product offering, we can offer our customers with virtually any Input, From Analog to TTL, from LVDS to DVI. Matching up a quality Ad controller board / LCD Controller with your LCD display, while staying within your budget, can be a difficult task. As an experienced manufacturer in the LCD display field, Whether you have strict requirements, multiple inputs (Analog RGB, NTSC/PAL Composite Video, S-Video, DVI, TV function etc.), uncommon resolutions, panel enhancements that the board needs to work with. We also offer customised solution that works with a new panel that you are designing into your New product.

Our new BIDSP controller supports Standalone and Networked connectivity.

Stand-alone display
Play the advertising contents on internal or external storage such as USB memory, CF memory card or HDD without network connection.
This type of operation is best fits for small office, restaurant, market, hospital and so on.

Real-time streaming with local server PC

Play the advertising contents on server PC that connected with LAN or Wireless LAN. This type of operation dont need any memory cards for store contents.
This type of operation is best fits for medium sized office, restaurant, market, hospital, museum and so on.

Wide area advertising with internet server

Advertising contents are stored at contents server on the Internet and the contents are copied to internal storage prior to play.

This type of operation is bet fits for chained office, restaurant, market, hospital, musem and so on. Advertiser can control BIDSP with simple command too.

• Support small and large screens
• Accepts standard Analog RGB signals (15 pin D-Sub Conn).
• Accepts DVI ( Digital Video Input) for advance graphics.
• Supports resolutions from VGA to UXGA .
• Automatic image scaling and contrast enhancement.
• Automatically synchronizes to most industry standard modes.
• On screen display for fine tuning color and alignment.
• Supports wide variety of LCD Panels

Our AD Controller Board / LCD Controller supports following resolution.

Our Product
1) BI5616V1.1 Support DVI, Analog RGB, Inbuilt Audio Amplifier.
2) BIZAN3XSL Support Analog RGB, Inbuilt Audio Amplifier.
3) BI2221V3 Support Analog RGB, S-Video, C-Video, TV-Tuner, Inbuilt Audio.
4) BICF V1 Standalone Digital Signage board with CF Memory Input for 6.4"-42" LCD panel.
5) BIDSP V1 Standalone & Networked Digital Signage board with LAN or Wireless LAN with CF & USB input.
BIZAN3SLV1 BI8015V1.1 BI5616V1.1 BI5221V3.1
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